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Biostimulatory Fillers


Biostimulators: Collagen-Stimulating Injectables

Biostimulators are unique dermal fillers that stimulate natural collagen production in the treatment area. They contain active ingredients that help create a stronger foundation in the deeper layers by increasing collagen and elastin growth when injected into the skin. As your body produces increased amounts of collagen and elastin, lines and wrinkles will soften, facial folds will become smoother, and hollow areas will have increased volume. Results take several weeks to become noticeable, but once they appear, they can last for several years. Follow-up treatments with bio-stimulators will continue to promote increased collagen and elastin production and help you combat aging long-term.

Radiesse is a biostimulator that contains calcium hydroxyapatite, also known as CaHA microspheres. When this gel formula is injected into the skin, the microspheres create a scaffolding for new collagen growth. The body responds to the treatment by growing new collagen and elastin. Radiesse treats some of the most common signs of aging on the face, including smile lines, nasolabial folds, and other facial lines and folds on the lower half of the face.

We can also contour the jawline and add volume to the back of the hands with Radiesse to hide some common signs of aging, including visible tendons, veins, and bones. You will see some immediate and gradual results as your body produces more collagen, and your results can last up to one year or longer.


Sculptra is also a biostimulator. Like Radiesse, it promotes increased collagen and elastin growth in the deeper layers of the skin. Its active ingredient, L-poly-lactic acid, targets some of the most common signs of aging, including chin wrinkles, smile lines, and marionette lines. Results can last over two years.