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Laser Hair Removal


Laser Hair Removal

We are proud to offer laser hair removal treatments at our Ferrer & Monaghan Vein and Aesthetic Center locations in Horseheads and Ithaca, NY. Our laser treatments use state-of-the-art advanced technology to safely, quickly, and effectively eliminate unwanted hair from the face and the body so you can achieve your cosmetic goals and live free of excess, unwanted hair for good.

Laser Hair Removal in Ithaca, New York

Laser hair removal treatments are perfect for those who want a solution to overly thick or dense areas of unwanted hair on the face and body. If you’re looking for a treatment to eliminate unwanted hair that delivers long-lasting results, our laser treatments will help you reach your goals. These treatments are an investment in your budget, your time, your skin health, and your confidence.

Why It's So Effective

Using a laser to eliminate unwanted hair is so effective because it targets hair growth at the source. The treatment weakens the hair follicle so that it can no longer grow hair, and you can enjoy long-term results. You won’t have to wax, shave, pluck, or spend any more time or money on at-home hair removal processes.

You won’t have to worry about ingrown hairs, post-hair removal, redness, inflammation, or cuts. Instead, you can enjoy significantly less hair volume in your treatment area and achieve your cosmetic goals within a few short weeks.

How It Works

Our hair removal treatments use laser heat energy to target and destroy the hair follicles in the treatment area. The laser is attracted to pigment and focuses on the hair follicle, leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. The laser energy destroys hair follicles in the active state of growth after being heated to a temperature that renders them ineffective. Once this occurs, the hair follicles stop growing as much hair, and you’ll be left with smoother skin. One of the little-known benefits of laser hair removal treatments is that not only do they eliminate unwanted facial and body hair, but their light energy also stimulates collagen and elastin production in the deeper layers of the skin. In doing so, it can also improve the appearance of the skin by treating everything from lines and wrinkles to hyperpigmentation.

What It Treats

Our hair removal treatments with the powerful laser device can eliminate unwanted hair from several different locations. Some of the most common treatment areas are the legs, arms, back, bikini area, chest, underarms, and face. However, our powerful laser device can remove unwanted hair from virtually any location on the body. You can also address multiple areas during one treatment to achieve your cosmetic goals as quickly as possible and avoid scheduling multiple appointments. We design unique treatment plans during our consultations to ensure that we adequately address every area with unwanted hair.

What To Expect from the Treatment Process

Once we confirm that you are a good candidate for laser hair removal treatments, we will schedule your treatment. Your unique treatment plan will include a specific number of treatment sessions based on the location of the unwanted hair, whether you want to address multiple areas simultaneously, and the consistency, coarseness, and color of the hair in your desired treatment location. Typically, patients need a series of treatments to target every hair follicle. This treatment process is only effective for hair follicles in an active growth state. Scheduling multiple treatment sessions will ensure that all hair follicles receive the laser energy required to destroy all hair follicles and impair hair growth long-term.
Laser Hair Removal on Legs

Your Treatment Sessions

Laser hair removal treatments are virtually pain-free. As laser heat energy penetrates your hair follicles, it will feel similar to a rubber band gently snapping the skin. The treatment process is also very quick because it doesn’t take long for laser energy to adequately penetrate the hair follicles. Depending on the number of areas you want to address, your session can take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes to complete.

Is There Downtime?

You won’t have to plan on downtime after your treatment is over. However, it’s important that you follow some post-treatment instructions to protect the skin in the treatment area. It’s important that you avoid excess sun exposure and wear sunscreen daily to avoid sun damage since your skin will be more sensitive. We will provide recommendations regarding which products to use and avoid in your treatment area until the healing process has occurred.

Are the Results Permanent?

Once the laser light beam damages the hair follicles, they’ll remain permanently damaged. Results vary among patients, but you can rest assured that if hair regrows in your treated treatment area, it will be thinner and have far less hair volume. Additional maintenance sessions can help you enhance your results and ensure you enjoy them long-term.

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You don’t need to waste any more energy, time, or money on at-home hair removal methods. Our laser hair removal treatments are quick, virtually painless, and deliver incredible results. This unique treatment will help you feel more confident in the appearance and health of your skin. Once we evaluate your treatment areas and design your treatment plan, you can begin a process that will finally help you live free of the burden of unwanted hair. Contact us at Ferrer & Monaghan Vein and Aesthetic Center locations in Horseheads and Ithaca, NY, today to schedule your consultation.