Central New York

KTP Laser


Ferrer & Monaghan Vein and Aesthetic Center provides patients with a number of laser options for treating various skin conditions. Powerful and precise, laser treatments are an effective method for rejuvenating skin damaged by age or environmental factors, removing or reducing the appearance of facial veins.

The KTP laser is used to treat brown spots (sun spots) and many causes of redness on the face, including blood vessels and rosacea. KTP stands for potassium titanyl-phosphate and works by selectively targeting irregular spots on the skin. While treating redness on the skin, the energy of the KTP laser gently coagulates the blood vessels below the skin’s surface. This collapses those visible blood vessels and decreases the generalized redness.

What will happen during my visit?

For treatment with the KTP laser, a numbing cream is first applied for patient comfort.  Gel will first be applied over the treatment area and cooling is used throughout the treatment.  Although there is no downtime with the treatment, some patients may experience redness and swelling around the treated areas for a few hours to a few days after their treatment. We advise cooling with ice to combat this and encourage sunscreen and limiting sun exposure. The areas may be covered with foundation or a tinted moisturizer during the healing phase.