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How Does PRP Therapy Work for Hair Restoration?

PRP or platelet-rich plasma treatments have been gaining traction in recent years. While PRP is a commonly accepted treatment for skin issues such as aging and acne scars, not many people are familiar with PRP’s clinical applications for hair loss. PRP therapies can help to reverse the severity of hair loss and increase the volume and density of the scalp’s existing hair.

We proudly offer PRP treatments at Ferrer & Monaghan Vein and Aesthetic Center in Ithaca, NY – an innovative and natural approach to skin rejuvenation and PRP hair restoration. PRP treatments can target specific areas of the skin or scalp to help improve the signs of aging, reduce acne scarring, encourage alopecia treatment, stimulate hair growth, and more. PRP treatments may be the ideal solution if you’ve been looking for an adequate alternative way to tackle these concerns with visible results quickly.

What Exactly Causes Hair Loss?

Many of us have experienced the undesired effects of hair loss but may not be aware of the root cause. In many cases, hair loss can be attributed to decreased blood flow to the scalp.

Research shows that this lack of circulation can lead to decreased nutrient delivery and oxygen levels necessary for healthy growth and maintenance of hair follicles. Though genetics, hormones, and certain medications may also contribute to hair loss, understanding the underlying cause is essential to seek potential treatment options.

What is PRP?

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is a type of treatment that has been gaining popularity due to its ability to promote healing in the body without the need for risky surgeries or medications. PRP works by taking a concentrated dose of a patient’s blood cells and injecting them directly into the affected area of the body, which triggers the body to heal itself from within.

This natural approach to healing makes it an attractive option over other more intensive treatments. It is becoming popular among those seeking aesthetic transformation and improved physical health.

What Are the Benefits of PRP?

PRP treatments are growing in popularity for their potential to improve aesthetic outcomes. PRP therapies treat the skin by injecting concentrated platelets from a patient’s blood directly into target areas. This treatment is favored for its mild yet effective results, promising improvements to skin quality and health due to the rejuvenation of collagen production.

PRP treatments reduce wrinkles, sagging skin, age spots, thinning hair, and scarring without harsh chemicals or invasive surgical procedures. With PRP therapy, patients experience noticeable cosmetic results without downtime or pain associated with many traditional treatments. PRP has truly revolutionized aesthetic care.

How Does PRP Work for Hair Loss?

When injected into areas with thinning hair or bald patches on the scalp, PRP stimulates dormant follicles and encourages them to start producing new hairs again. The injection contains growth factors that promote cell renewal and accelerate healing through increased circulation and collagen production. As new hairs grow, they become thicker and healthier than before. In some cases, results can be seen after just one session. 

How Does a PRP Treatment Work with Us?

PRP treatments are a form of therapy that uses the natural healing power of platelet-rich plasma. After taking a sample of your blood and preparing it into an injectable form, PRP therapy involves a series of small injections which can be strategically placed into specific areas on the scalp to promote hair growth.

To start, we will apply a topical numbing solution to your skin to keep you comfortable with the needling aspect of PRP therapy. We’ll use a SkinPen, designed with a sterile needle cartridge, and once activated, it will glide across your skin’s surface creating tiny microchannels and punctures.

After obtaining it from your blood, we will then apply platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) and let it be absorbed into those channels to maximize the treatment results.

What Can You Do to Enhance Your PRP Treatment?

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy can be a great addition to your hair restoration treatment plan, but we don’t stop there. To further enhance PRP treatments, we offer PDO threads.

These specifically designed threads are made of polydioxanone, and when injected into the scalp, they can promote collagen and elastin production to stimulate hair growth at an accelerated rate. They are safe and fully absorbable, and patient comfort is always considered throughout the procedure. If necessary, PRP therapies can be supplemented with other methods, such as Pronox or other hair growth treatments.

What Makes You a Good Candidate for PRP Treatments?

PRP therapy utilizes platelet-rich plasma to return youthful fullness to areas subject to wear and tear due to aging or other causes. PRP treatments can provide a natural means of rejuvenation with no actual downtime. A one-on-one consultation with us is the best way to determine if PRP treatments are right for you.

During this session, we’ll discuss your medical history and lifestyle and further explain the PRP treatment process. This comprehensive overview lets us create a PRP treatment plan tailored just for you and determine if PRP therapy is the solution for achieving your aesthetic goals.

Discover the Benefits of PRP Therapy With Us

At Ferrer & Monaghan Vein and Aesthetic Center, we are committed to providing comprehensive treatments tailored to each patient’s individual needs. We specialize in aesthetic treatments that help you look and feel your best.

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy is beneficial in many areas, such as PRP for hair loss. PRP uses your body’s blood to create a concentrated therapy solution that helps promote natural healing processes with little discomfort or downtime. We take a patient-centered approach to each consultation and procedure to ensure an exceptional experience. For those living in Horseheads or Ithaca, NY, or surrounding areas, please do not hesitate to contact us today for more information on PRP treatments.

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